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The DAE Promise

DAE is a new-age training institute for IT-JEE aspirants A wing of the well-known Devadhar Classes, DAE aims to set new standards for quality training and while the institute may be new students and parents are assured of highly experienced faculty

For any institute to stick by its commitment there needs to be a set of core values. These values define the teaching methodology the evaluations and the result patterns. 

the core values of DAE

One of the most underrated quite which we believe essential for every student. Punctuality in discipline attentive in-class participation and dedication together these form the base of discipline. At DAE we give utmost importance to discipline, and expect a students to follow the same.

The is the cornerstone of every student’s efforts. Understanding core concept, rather than rote learning is crucial for
application-based problem solving DAE focuses on helping students get the core concepts perfect. Thereafter were confident
that any student can take the final leap

The right proportion of discipline and academics results in excellence At DAE we always encourage
all students to settle for nothing short of perfection and in our experience, success always follows those who pursue excellence


The Legacy of DAE

DAE is a wing of the renowned Devadhar Classes. Started in 2000 by Prof. Sandeep Devadhar, Devadhar Classes has been training young aspirants, for state and national level medical and engineering entrance exams. Through the years the institute has been extremely successful in helping students excel in these entrance exams.

Through the years, there were several brainstorming sessions, which made the entire team realise that there was a need for high quality IIT-JEE training at an attractive fee structure. This was the germ for the idea that blossomed into Devadhar's Academy of Excellence (DAE).
DAE promises to train young IIT-JEE aspirants with best faculty, a unique teaching model and exhaustive regular evaluations. And we offer all of this in a program that can be afforded by students from all sections of society.

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